symbol name clash with md5_hash

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symbol name clash with md5_hash

Martin Münstermann

after linking my database client application with a crypto library (as
shared library), I noticed that I couldn't connect to postgresql any
longer. Error message was "Password authentication failed".

After some time I found out that the issue was caused by both the crypto
library and defining the symbol md5_hash.
After renaming the function name (thanks to open source!), the error
went away.

Wouldn't it be a good idea to have all exported symbols in
carry a postgres related prefix like 'PQ', 'pq', or 'pg_' (most of them
already do)? This way symbol name clashes would become less probable.

Symbols in question (postgresql 80 on solaris) include (nm |
fgrep ' T '):
EncryptMD5, SockAddr_cidr_mask, check_sigpipe_handler, freeaddrinfo_all,
getaddrinfo_all, getnameinfo_all, md5_hash, promote_v4_to_v6_addr,
promote_v4_to_v6_mask, rangeSockAddr, set_noblock.

AFAICS these functions are used by the server and maybe not all of these
functions need to be exported to the shared client libpq anyway?


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