temboard 4.0 released

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temboard 4.0 released

Laura Ricci
*temboard 4.0 released*


temboard is the powerful PostgreSQL management tool, available under thePostgreSQL License  <https://github.com/dalibo/temboard/blob/master/LICENSE>.

You can use it monitor, optimize or configure multiple PostgreSQL instances.

It is composed of 2 basic elements:

* An lightweight agent to install on every PostgreSQL server to monitor and manage,

* A central server controlling the agents, collect metrics and present the web UI.

Its *4.0 version* brings new features such as:

* Alerting: send notifications by SMS or email on state changes,
* Support for reindex on table and database,
* Support for analyze/vacuum for database.

For more information, please visit its website<http://dali.bo/temboard>  and its changelog

Feedback & contributions are welcome!

temboard  is a Dalibo Labs project.
Check out Dalibo's open source projects at https://labs.dalibo.com/

Laura Ricci