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xpath insert unexpected newlines

Voillequin, Jean-Marc

Hello guys,


It seems that xpath function add unexpected newlines in the xml elements it returns as array:


postgres=> select version();                                                        



 PostgreSQL 10.3, compiled by Visual C++ build 1800, 64-bit                         

(1 row)                                                                             



postgres=>  select ((xpath('/*',xml('<root><a/><b/><c/></root>')))[1])::text;       



 <root> +                                                                            

   <a/> +                                                                           

   <b/> +                                                                           

   <c/> +                                                                            


(1 row)                                                                             


A workaround is to have at least one element with a value:


postgres=> select ((xpath('/*',xml('<root><a/><b/><c/>one value</root>')))[1])::text;



 <root><a/><b/><c/>one value</root>                                                 

(1 row)                                                                              


Best regards.



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